is comprised of trained professional musicians experienced in musical education and performance in both Greece and the United States. In addition to the four CDs which they have released, their performances have been broadcast on radio and television.

The trio has already embarked on six tours in California in 2009, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016. Hohlax tours include but are not limited to, concerts, dance events and competitions, festivals, performance-talks at universities and private events. HoHLaX Trio members  are bouzouki player and songwriter Orestis Koletsos, violinist Jaime Smith and Giorgos on vocals/guitar. Two years ago they announced the release of Orestis Koletsos' CD entitled "Me Plimirizei Fos", featuring Mario, Foteini Velessiotou, Martha Fritzila, and other significant singers of Greece.

Hohlax is coming to California for their seventh tour. They will be bringing with them five recordings which will be available to the public: their first CD, entitled "Sacramento Kai Lodi", their second CD, "To Glyko Fili", their third "dance CD", "Apo Kseno Topo, Greek Dance Rhythms", their latest, "Ta Vlamakia" as well as Koletsos' personal CD, "Me Plimirizei Fos".

Jaime Smith: Violin    Orestis Koletsos: Bouzouki - Vocals    Stamatis Petsakos: Guitar - Vocals


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